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Nigel Cassidy, Professor of Geo Technical Infrastructure Engineering, University of Birmingham

“Future proofing infrastructure construction – a digital and asset management revolution”

Is the infrastructure construction industry innovative enough? In this presentation we will discuss the latest sector developments in digital engineering, asset monitoring and the role of the circular economy.

  • What is the developing role of digital engineering beyond BIM?
  • What can we do to protect the long-term value of our infrastructure assets?
  • How can the construction sector evolve from a bottom line, risk adverse culture?
  • Innovation and the reduction of waste – we can do more, but how?
  • What does the future hold and where is the research leading us?

David Jones, Director of Education and Training, The Institute of Construction Management

Construction Competence Needed for a 21st Century Industry

Introduction to the National CDM Competence Registry™® launched in 2018 and a walk-through tour of the CDM4BIM Gateway™ project unlocking Construction’s Digital Future for Statutory Dutyholders and all users.

  • Timeline to disaster ─ no one learns!
  • Disruptive thinking ─ repeating same old expecting different results is insane isn’t it?
  • Users need to be assured their families sleep safely trusting the professionals!
  • Competence registered in a digital world
  • ‘T-Level’ Apprenticeship training with ICM support is our future!

Julian Keates, Director, PRISM Programmes, World Kinect Energy Services

“Fuel Decarbonisation and Cost Control options”

What are the fuel decarbonation options and how can you better budget your fuel commodity risk associated with your construction projects?

  • The energy and fuel space is dynamic and rapidly changing
  • Fuel Decarbonisation choices – is there a silver-bullet?
  • Airline Industry sector solutions – review and impact
  • How the Construction Industry can improve its fuel and energy project cost management
  • Being more sustainable and protecting project margins

Jonathan Dempsey, Director, Red Laces

“It’s all about people – risk and opportunity”

When bad things happen you call in the support functions to rescue you. Otherwise, they’re a cost. Right?
Here’s a more progressive approach that adds value to your business.

  • Leadership, Culture and Communication
  • Governance vs Compliance
  • Dynamic Risk Management
  • Measures
  • Risk as Opportunity

Joanna May, Founder, Joanna-May: Meditation

Meditation in Construction? Is that a thing?

Come and find out why some of the leading UK Construction Companies are opening their doors and ears to learn about the benefits of meditation.

  • Stress – Let’s get an understanding of it
  • Mental Health – Where we were as an industry
  • Meditation and its benefits
  • Mental Health – Where we are
  • Mental Health – What’s the future?